Message from the Chairman

Mr. Yoshiaki Ichimura


The previous year is the year that all Thais have faced a great lost from passing away of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ninth monarch of Thailand from the Chakri dynasty as Rama IX. During his 70 years reign, he served the head of state with morals, kindheartedness, including determination to improve quality of life of his people.

He has initiated more than 3,000 royal projects, for instance, the Thailand Royal Rainmaking Project, the Chai Pattana Waste Water Aerator project, Kaem Ling Project (formation of detention basins), Klaeng Din Project (acidic soil treatment) and the Cold weather vegetable project, which help the farmers to be able to do cultivation, to earn revenue and to have better quality of life as a result. Moreover, he has introduced the crucial principle of living, the ‘Sufficiency Economy’ Philosophy, which is having balance, adhering morals, using knowledge in living, and having immunity against any impact from outside. Such theory can be used well in daily life or can be applied with business operation as well. If having considered, the Sufficiency Economy theory shall, finally, lead the way to sustainable growth.

In this deepest sadness occasion, the Company commemorates Royal Grace of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Company will inherit King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s will and will be a part of support for Thai farmers to have better quality of life.

For the 2016 company performance, the Company achieved the highest of the profit in our history. The Company’s Profit Attributable to the Parent of year 2016 showed THB 2,305 million, increasing from the year before by 69% resulting in earning per share at THB 3.94. The reason, factors and details of such performance have been stated in the Management Analysis & Discussion appeared in this Annual Report.

In year 2016, the Company has performed several activities in align with the Company’s goal which is to be a company in regional level. To say, the Company seriously plans to operate chemical fertilizer business in Myanmar and, in this regard, the first international branch has been established in Yangon city to perform marketing activities. The Company also established the subsidiary in Myanmar which is TCCC Myanmar Limited to import chemical fertilizer from Thailand and distribute it to the customers in Myanmar.

In addition, the Company has improved production process by implementing the internal logistic improvement project at Nakhonluang plant site to be a semi-automatic system in order to solve the problem of busy transferring goods to the customers, to support warehouse management and to support increase of internal transportation of goods according to high demand of fertilizer domestically and internationally which is expected to be increasing. For management, the Company has established the Risk Management Committee which is a crucial mechanism to support risk management proactively and to support decision of the management to have as less impact as possible. Details of the mentioned activities have been stated in this Annual Report.

The year 2017 is one of a challenging year of the Company as to maintain the performance in the same level as last year or even better and to achieve the Company’s goal which is to be a company at regional level. In this regard, the Company will try its best by conducting all activities in consistent to such goal. However, the Company shall not neglect its will which is to be a part of support for the farmers to have a better quality of life.

We will try our best indeed!