Vision & Mission


“True friend of Thai Agriculturist”

The Company will be a part of agriculture which is necessary and cannot be lack of. The Company’s product will be the top priority chosen by the agriculturist for increase of production yield as it is a high quality product. The Company, in addition, will be a mentor of plantation and enhancement of production yield in order to support the agriculturist.


To accomplish the vision, the Company has stipulated the mission as follows.

  • The Company will focus on control of manufacturing process for high quality of the Company’s product and distribute to the agriculturist in the appropriate price. The Company will not focus on only sale but will provide advice on how to use the product in different area and crops because chemical fertilizer can be environmental friendly when well balanced fertilization is made considering soil and crops specifically. It is not only production yield enhancement but soil improvement.
  • The Company will improve production process to have as less as effect to environment including sufficient use of energy.
  • The Company will support the community around the Company for peaceful living.