Thai Central Chemical Public Company Limited (TCCC) established its subsidiary company in Myanmar, TCCC Myanmar Limited (TCCCM) on September 30, 2016.

TCCCM builds processing and bagging facilities and a warehouse in Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Yangon, and will start import and distribution of high quality compound NPK fertilizer mainly produced by TCCC in 2018.

Myanmar is an agricultural country with vast agriculture land, where high quality fertilizer is not used much, and has high potential to improve farm productivity and quality of agricultural crops. By providing with its high quality compound NPK fertilizer and fertilization know-how acquired through operation of more than 40 years in Thailand, TCCC believes that it can contribute farmers in Myanmar to increase agricultural production and upgrade quality of the farm products.

TCCC’s fertilizer is becoming popular with vegetable and fruits farmers.  Since TCCCM is established, it will offer more agile and diverse services to the farmers and distributors needs in Myanmar, and then the use of TCCCM’s compound NPK fertilizer can spread out to rice and major crops too.

TCCCM will enhance collaboration with the partners in Myanmar in order to grow fertilizer business through development and supply of fertilizer, what should be most suitable to the soil characteristics of agriculture field so as to accommodate farmers’ essential needs in Myanmar.  In the future TCCCM plans to build its compound NPK fertilizer plant in Myanmar in same scale as TCCC.

TCCCM is committed to contribute to growth of agriculture of Myanmar by supplying high quality fertilizer.