Message from Corporate Board Chairman

Dear Shareholders

The past year 2020 is the historical year for humankind as there has been spread of the pandemic, COVID-19, all across the world. The impact was so huge and it causes change in people’s way of life, so called the “new normal”, such as, wearing mask is a must before leaving home, work from home or online class in order to perform a social distancing. I, myself, also need to adapt my everyday routine according to the new normal. I attended every Corporate Board Meetings remotely which were arranged in form of e-meeting due to traveling restriction. Presentation of information and data has to be performed online basis. This may cause some inconvenience for us but we have to adapt the way of life and the way to work to overcome the obstruction which has occurred.

Some business have been severely affected from COVID-19, such as, aviation, tourism, as a result of travelling prohibition or restriction according to the measure to prevent spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, the Company has not been affected severely from COVID-19 as there was still stable demand of fertilizer. The past year performance of the Company, therefore, was shown at a considerable level amid the COVID-19 situation. Nevertheless, the operation of the company has faced difficulty inevitably, for example, marketing activities in form of people gathering could not be arranged physically according to the authority’s measure. The Company then adjusted arrangement of the activities via online platform instead and we received overwhelm response. For that, the Company has considered to use technology to support our operation i.e. development of application for purchase of goods. Once completed, it will provide fast, smooth and convenient operation to the customer and dealer.

For the last year performance of the Company, as stated earlier, the performance showed a good result. In detail, the Company’s Profit Attributable to Owners of the parent showed the amount of THB 1,472 million increasing by 60% compared with the previous year with the profit per share at the amount of THB 2.52. Details of the Company’s performance has been stated in the Management Analysis and Discussion (MD&A) which is a part of this Annual Report. Such performance was a result of a hard effort of the Company in adjusting the way to do business in addition to good cooperation of the employee and great support from every stakeholders.

The year 2021 begins with the new wave of spread of COVID-19 in Thailand; hence, the authority has announced the measures to prevent spread of COVID-19, which affected everyday life of the people unavoidably. As stated earlier, we have to adjust ourselves according to the new normal to fit with the current situation and overcome any restrain which may happened. I would like to encourage everyone who has been affected from COVID-19 to get through this tough situation and I wish all of you a good health and happiness.