Message from Corporate Board Chairman

Dear Shareholders

While preparing this Annual Report, COVID – 19 outbreak is happening in almost every region of the world. Many business sectors have a very negative effect from the strict quarantine measure by having to completely cease of any activities that would expose to the wide spread of such disease. We, TCCC, would like to extend our consolation to everyone whom fight with this outbreak. In this regard, we should take a good care of ourselves and comply with the government's advice so that we can get through this situation together.

For the situation of the past 2019, the Company's operational performance was less than expectation. It caused by the most severe drought that had ever happened in Thailand in 4 decades. This results to the farmer to be unable to grow any crop which leads to dramatically decline of fertilizer demands. Furthermore, the low price of agricultural products for several consecutive years affected the farmers' purchasing power and resulting in idle of farming. Nevertheless, the Company has adapted the strategy to increase the sale volume by research and developing the new products to serve the market which still have demands, for instance, fruit fertilizers which had a very good feedback from the market. In addition, the Company was focusing on the neighboring countries' market, namely, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines, where we could expand our sale.

As the negative factors above, the Company's income from sale and services decreased by 15% from 2018, and the Net Profit attributable to owners of the parent showed THB 922 million baht decreasing by 31% from 2018, resulting in Profit per Share at THB 1.58. Even though the company's operational performance was less than expected, the total performance was considerably moderate comparing to the other companies in this industry.

To be well prepared for the external factors and to maintain as the leader in this industry, the Company determined to strengthen our organization for sustainable growth under its vision "The First Choice of Growers" This is to say, the Company contributes our value to farmers with high quality products including research and new developed products to serve the market's demand. Furthermore, the company also strive to develop our people to be well-prepared and fully capable by consistently providing the constructive training, namely, the Brand Ambassador Project which will make our people comprehending the Company's business very well. Besides, the Company gives commitment for caring the society and environment seriously and for this we were certified with the Green Culture of level 4 by Ministry of Industry. Details of the activities are provided in CSR Report.

In 2020, the Company shall still be facing the negative factors such as drought, low agricultural products price, decline of economy affected by COVID-19 and mores, and it shall be harder than the past year per our estimation. However, the Company assert that we are ready to deal with such challenges. In this regard, the Company would like to sincerely thank all shareholders, customers, dealers, partners, employees and other stakeholders for the long time support. We promise that we will endeavor at our best to further keep the operational performance at the acceptable level.