Occupational Health , Safety and Environment Management System

Policy of Occupational Health , Safety and Environment Management System

Thai Central Chemical Public Company Limited is the chemical fertilizer manufacturer and distributor. The company recognizes the responsibility for the environment , safety and health of employees. Therefore , the company would like to apply the Occupational Health and Safety management system ( ISO45001) and Environment management system ( ISO14001) by management , employee , contractors and stakeholders. We strive to :

  • Compliance with the laws, regulations, standards and requirements of the organization, occupational health, safety and environment to achieve as agreed with the stakeholders strictly.
  • Implement activities to reduce the impact on the environment such as air pollution management, water pollution management, energy conservation to focus on protect and to a business that is environmentally sustainable.
  • Eliminate and reduce risks in all activity by improving the machine ,operating procedures as well as the use of appropriate technology in order to ensure that the workplace is safe and happy workplace for employees, contractors and those involved
  • Improve the objectives and goals of occupational health , safety and environment in accordance with hazards and risks including environmental issues to cover all activities at least 1 time per year.
  • Consultation and promotion of employee participation Contractors and those involved in occupational health Safety and Environment
  • Communication the policy , the performance and effectiveness of occupational health, safety and environment to employees, contractors and those involved .
  • Review the occupational health, safety and environmental policy at least once a year to ensure that the policy shall be appropriate to company situations.
  • Continuously develop and improve the occupational health and safety management system (ISO45001) and environmental management system (ISO 14001)


The company gives importance to every process as production, packaging and distribution. Including of safety for company’s employees as priority and aim to ensure that all employees are in good heath, well hygiene and work in safe place.

The company emphasizes on monitoring production processes and work procedures, reduces the risk factors of accidents from working and minimizes the impacts on employees health by implementation of international safety measures in serious supervision. In addition, the company continues to develop the innovations to reduce the risks of work together with encourage supervisors and executives to be the safety leader in order to create a safety culture as an organization culture.


The company aims to be a top priority choice of agriculturalists in Southeast Asia by delivering excellent products and services. The company gives importance to create the innovation which can drive sustainable growth and development of business operation by focusing on environmental friendly production processes and integrating corporate citizenship in accordance with the company's mission. Accordingly, the company sets strictly the prevention measures to control and audit conform to related laws and regulations.

Moreover, the company never stops developing production processes that are environmental friendly by adopting new technologies for energy and natural resources conservation and reducing pollution which starts from procurement, production through delivery process to customers. The objectives are to operate the business for sustainable growth along with the development of community, society and environment.

As the policy implementation, the company received awards and certifications for environmental management as follows;

  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001 : 2015
  • Green Industry Award Level 4 “Green Culture” from Ministry of Industry (Green Factory Level 4)
  • CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2020 from Department of Industrial Works