Corporate Governance Policy

Thai Central Chemical Public Company Limited (“TCCC”) is well aware that good corporate governance and transparent management will increase the company’s competitive capability and management efficiency, which will be the key to long-term success and growth of the organization.

TCCC thereby arranges the management system with ethical principles of having competent Board of Directors and management equipped with vision, accountability, explainable rationale, responsibility, fairness and integrity, transparency as well as the creation on control mechanism and balance of power. The Company’s Board of Directors will jointly take care, recommend and improve every system to operate according to the set policy and strategies, the respect for rights of all shareholders and stakeholders with equitable treatments, which would be the key factor maximizing the Company’s value and the returns to shareholders.

The Company duly complied with the principles of Good Corporate Governance for Listed Companies announced by the SET in these following five topics:

    • Rights of Shareholders
    • Equitable Treatment to Shareholders
    • Concern of Stakeholders’ Roles
    • Disclosure and Transparency
    • Responsibilities of the Board

You can also find more information of the corporate government policy which is download file as below.