Who We Are

Thai Central Chemical Public Company Limited, the largest manufacturer and distributer of “OX-Brand”, “Baby”, “Singha” and "TCCC" Chemical fertilizer in Thailand.

Thailand is an agricultural country. A great number of the population engage in agricultural sector. The basic essential elements in farming consist of soil, water, weather and soil nutrients. However, prolonged use of soil in farming at the same ground will usually deplete soil nutrients by crops.

Therefore, if farmers wish to increase crops yield with good quality and quantity as required by domestic and international market, it is necessary to apply agricultural modern technologies and appropriate farm management. Another factor to increase soil nutrients as to nurture soil fertility is to apply “Chemical Fertilizer”, which has become essential element in productivity.

However, chemical fertilizer must be applied under right formula, with proper timing and quantity.

Thai Central Chemical Public Company Limited is the producer and distributor of chemical fertilizer, established by the government (under cooperation of the Ministry of Finance) and private sectors, comprised of Metro Co., Ltd., Sojitz Corporation (formerly Nissho Iwai Corporation) and Central Glass Co., Ltd (currently the Company’s technical advisor) of Japan, on March 6, 1973, with initial registered capital of 120 Million Baht. Later on, the Company registered on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in October 1991, with a registered capital of 700 Million Baht and in 1993, the Company became “Public Company”

Thai Central Chemical Public Company Limited (“TCCC”) established on March 6, 1973. TCCC is the largest manufacturer and distributer of “OX-Brand” chemical fertilizer in Thailand with long lasting reputation more than 4 decades. Our chemical fertilizer has standard quality same level as exported fertilizer, consists of basic nutrients, secondary nutrients and other supplementary nutrients which promotes healthy growth of crops.

In 1976, TCCC established the first factory “Phra Pradaeng plant site” located in Phra Samut Jedee District, Samut Prakan Province with total annual capacity of 850,000 metric tons, having got a warehouse with its total storage capacity of 100,000 metric tons for raw materials, and a wharf extended to 310 metres length, 8.4 metres (27 feet) depth below sea level which can accommodate two 20,000-25,000 metric ton vessels simultaneously, and unload 6,000 metric tons of raw materials per day.

The company operates large and international standard 2 plants with total capacity of 1.2 million metric tons per year.

In 1996, the company established the second factory “Nakhon Luang plant site” located in Nakhon Luang District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayuttaya Province with total annual capacity 350,000 metric tons, having got a warehouse with its total storage of 90,000 metric tons, and a wharf extended to 189 meters length, 5 meters (16 feet) depth below sea level which is capable to accommodate three 500-2,500 metric ton cargo ships simultaneously, and also unload 4,000 metric tons of raw materials and imported commodities per day.

Our manufacturing process has utilized the natural gas instead of fuel oils at Phra Pradaeng plant site since 2007 and at Nakhon Luang plant site since year 2013, which is low cost and produce less pollution in order to save cost, energy and reduce global warming.

For quality control, the two company’s laboratories, located at both plant sites, have been certified ISO/IEC 17025:2005 international standard assuring the quality of nutrient values of chemical fertilizers. Moreover, Nakhon Luang plant’s laboratory has been certified as a high-quality analysis lab for chemical fertilizer registered from the Department of Agriculture, and the lab also provides the nutrient analytical services for external organizations.

TCCC values for the business development, quality and standard of chemical fertilizer manufacturing process, aims to enhance the quality of agricultural products as well as improve quality of farmer’s life.